You have heard the old adage, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." Well, this certainly holds true for recording sessions. The objective of each session is to provide a high quality product, and do so without wasted time. The following suggestions are intended to help you, the paying client, achieve the final results you desire and deserve, and will help make the recording session move along at a comfortable pace, while providing optimum results. The formula is really quite simple:
Better Up Front Preparation = Less Studio Time = $$$ Savings

1. Double Space All Scripts

This makes the script easier to read.
This allows space for the VO performer to make notes and/or changes.

2. Provide At Least 4 Copies Of All Scripts

1 for the VO performer.
1 for the producer.
1 for the engineer
1 for the client.
This will enable everyone involved to make necessary script changes etc., and will help improve overall communication.

3. Have Only 1 Producer Present At The Recording Session

More than one producer can lead to disagreements, which leads to wasted time, which translates to increased costs.

4. Indicate Proper Word And/Or Name Pronouncements And Annunciations

This will help the VO performer with his/her read.
This helps to reduce the number of questions the VO performer will need to ask.
This will allow for fewer takes and less wasted time.

5. Provide A Brief Description Of The Intended Targeted Audience

This helps the VO performer understand the style of read that is required.

6. Provide A Description Of The Setting Or Scene

Again, this helps the VO performer understand the style of read that is required.