Bryan was born, and lived the first twelve years of his life, in New Jersey. In 1968 his dad decided to move to Texas and start a sales rep agency. So, mom, dad, his four brothers and Bryan (he’s that dreaded middle child) packed up and moved to Dallas. Bryan has been in the area ever since.
Sports has always been a main stay in Bryan’s life, whether as a participant or as a fan. Growing up he played the “big three” sports at one time or another…football, baseball and basketball. He played junior college baseball and at the age of 20 began officiating basketball at the junior high and high school levels. At the age of 27 Bryan began officiating major college basketball, a vocation he was involved with for twelve years. His demise came when he ejected the Texas A & M radio broadcaster from a game during the now defunct Southwest Conference post-season tournament for giving him the “choke” sign during a timeout.
Bryan has been in the voiceover business since 2003 and has quickly become a noticeable talent, having voiced projects for clients such as American Airlines, Atmos Energy, Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, Hit Entertainment, Lennox/Service Experts, Main Event Entertainment, McAfee Inc., Six Flags Over Texas, Weber Aircraft/China Airlines and many more. And, because of Bryan’s early success, he made the decision in 2004 to put a studio in his home, where he now records a large number of projects.
Bryan has a few outside interests that include playing the great game of golf, watching the Dallas Mavericks and is the lead singer and co-founder of Colt and the Old 45s, a band that performs the timeless music of the 60’s.  He is married to his wife Jennifer and has one son, Taylor who is married and lives in the Atlanta, GA area.